Lapping Diamond

Diamond is the most effective material for lapping hard materials such as ceramics, tungsten carbide, hardened steels, gemstones, and even other diamond structures. IDS offers a broad range of options that can be tailored to your specific material removal and polishing needs.

Diamond Powder

  • Synthetic Metal Bond - less friable, general purpose
  • Synthetic Resin Bond - more friable, general purpose
  • Synthetic Polycrystalline - more friable, excellent surface finish
  • Natural - less friable, high thermal stability, hard applications

Diamond Compounds

Custom formulations can be produced to optimize performance in your application. Various abrasives or blends of abrasives can be combined with oil soluble, water soluble or universally soluble carriers.

Diamond Slurries

Environmentally friendly carriers can be supplied in standard or custom formulations using the following variables to meet your application requirements:

  • Diamond concentration
  • Diamond particle size
  • Diamond crystal type
  • Container type and size

Our environmentally friendly carriers are also available as concentrate for dilution by the customer

For more info on IDS lapping diamond, contact IDS.

Lapping product image