CBN & Diamond Mesh

Metal-bond Mesh Diamond (Coarse)

Coarse metal-bond diamond mesh is used in mining drill bits, saw segments, and other cutting or drilling applications that require aggressive abrasive action. IDS offers a variety of grades tailored to your requirements:

  • SMB 40–60: Diamond with irregular shapes, low toughness/high friability; excellent value for less demanding applications.
  • SMB 70–80: Diamond with semi-blocky metal bond crystals with angular shapes and medium toughness.
  • SMB 90–100: Diamond with strong, blocky crystals and lower levels of inclusions; ideal for the most demanding applications

Metal and Resin-bond Mesh Diamond (Fine)

IDS is the North American distributor of mesh diamond products produced by IDF Superabrasives for grinding and polishing applications.

Our full range of premium mesh diamond encompasses the shape, toughness, and friability demanded by all of your machining needs.

Mesh CBN

CBN is one of the hardest ceramic materials available, and is widely used for machining materials that are chemically incompatible with diamond grinding systems like hardened steels, super-alloys, and cast iron. Its high thermal conductivity prevents the wheel glazing and workpiece damage caused by heat build-up.

IDS is the North American distributor of CBN mesh products produced by IDF Superabrasives.

Mesh product image