TSP is thermally stable polycrystalline diamond, a versatile material with the hardness of diamond, thermal stability up to 1200°C, and the ability to be manufactured into numerous shapes and sizes.

One of the primary applications for TSP is wear protection on the gage of drill bits, but in softer formations, it can be used as a primary cutting element, as well. Because of their performance properties, TSP can also be used in cutting tools, as dressers, as a die material for drawing wire, and for numerous other wear applications.

With our in-house testing lab, IDS has done extensive research into the TSP materials on the market in order to ensure that we only supply TSP with the highest performance and the greatest value. Our proprietary slurry abrasion test evaluates the abrasive wear properties and toughness of the materials to determine which grades will provide you with the best overall performance. Our extensive in-house inventory ensures that we can provide you with the TSP you need when you need it.

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