Wire Die Blanks

In comparative testing, IDS PDC wire die blanks matched the industry’s leading brands in performance and consistency. When it comes to value, IDS is unparalleled.

Partnering with one of the world's premier suppliers of polycrystalline diamond wire die blanks, IDS provides a product of uncompromising quality at an unbeatable value. Our PDC wire die blanks are produced through high temperature/high pressure processing to offer the high strength, uniform hardness and multi-directional wear resistance that challenging wire drawing applications require.

IDS wire die nibs are made in compliance with ISO 9001 quality standards to ensure they consistently deliver high quality performance. The result: efficient and repeatable fabrication into a finished wire die, and unparalleled die life for your customer.

Unsupported die blanks range in size from ADDMA standard D-6 all the way up to D-30. This provides a lower cost way to fabricate dies from smaller to larger wire sizes.

Carbide-supported die blanks are available from ADDMA standard D-12 through D-33. The diamond core is directly sintered into the carbide ring providing greater structural toughness and allowing the finished die to withstand the heavy force of hard wire drawing.

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Wire die product image